Moscow: Useful Information

More than just Fur and Vodka

Moscow Useful Information

- The Moscow Times is an English-language newspaper that is a useful guide for western visitors.
- Like other European countries, you can buy English publications for inflated prices.
- Healthcare is not dissimilar to Great Britain with public-owned institutions with large queues, it is advisable to seek private healthcare as most public doctors will not speak English.
- There are no self-service Laundromats in Moscow.
- Laws exist that carry fines of around €15 for not having a visa.
- Drug laws are very strict within Russia and punishments are not necessarily dependant on the class of the substance you may have been caught with. An official punishment can carry about a €40 fine to up to ten years in prison.
- Armed guards patrol Lenin’s mausoleum and you could find yourself with a rifle in your back should you do something disrespectful.
- Most taxis will accept Euros and in some cases, may prefer them.
- It is not particularly safe to walk the streets of Moscow unattended after dark.
- Organized crime and mafia is certainly not a myth in Russia and many large institutions are said to be owned by them. They will most likely be disguised with fake ‘everyday’ occupations like builders or taxi drivers.
- Moscow is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
- Street crime is actually relatively low in Moscow; however it does have a particularly high road death rate.
- The international calling code for Russia is 7
- Moscow is the largest city in Europe and has the tallest building (Ostankino Tower)