Moscow: When to go

More than just Fur and Vodka

Moscow When to go

Russia is well-known for its punishing winters and temperatures in Moscow drop into minus figures during December, January and February. As you would expect, this means that it is cheaper to go during this period and there really isn’t any other authentic way to experience this mammoth part of the world than during a Russian winter. Indeed many good deals can be found when booking a week in Russia that samples three days in Moscow before boarding an overnight train to the stunning St. Petersburg for the duration. Peak tourist activity takes place in the summer when prices are slightly higher and the weather can reach levels even southern Europe would be proud of. It is generally recommended for the average traveller to visit Moscow during the latter spring months and early autumn, around August, to experience the best climate. However if your idea of the great Russian love affair includes blankets of heavenly snow and wrapping up warm to resist bitter winds, then try it if you dare!