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Moscow Apartments

Apartments in Moscow

The Russian capital’s reputation as the billionaire’s city has given rise to holiday apartment renting in Moscow. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you can find holiday apartments to rent in Moscow from as low as €60 per night for a one bedroom, with an agency. If you are only staying in an apartment in Moscow for one night, it is possible that you will incur an extra cleaning charge. Many offer discounts should you stay an extended period in a Moscow apartment, but beware as some that offer special deals may subject you to a non-refundable cancellation period – so be sure of everything about your trip when you book. Deals on apartments in Moscow for 1-3 roomed places can be booked online or over the phone and will be English-speaking in the majority. Private renting is popular in Moscow too, but there are obvious legitimacy risks attached to such a venture. We recommend you book your holiday apartment rental in Moscow online prior to your travel to secure the best deal.