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Moscow Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts in Moscow

Finding a cheap bed and breakfast for budget travellers in Moscow isn’t easy. Hostels in particular are quite expensive for budget travellers and the best deals for bed and breakfast accommodation in Moscow start from around €70 per night, which is a normal price. You may be successful in trying to negotiate a cheaper deal by bartering but you would do well to find private accommodation in a bed and breakfast in Moscow for a cheaper rate. Bed and breakfasts in Moscow have a great reputation for being clean, friendly and close to Moscow’s central amenities. Booking a Moscow bed and breakfast in advance makes little or no difference to the price either. If booking bed and breakfast accommodation in Moscow online, the usual procedure involves reserving a room with a ‘backup’ credit card and then paying the bill at the B&B. Be sure to cancel your bed and breakfast reservation in Moscow if need be to avoid being charged on the card you gave.