Nairobi: Party Holiday - Singles Life

If there is any city made for partying in Africa it has to be Nairobi. Partying is an integral part of the lifestyle of people in Nairobi and this fever passes on to the tourists as well. People from all over the world come to witness the vibrant party life that comprises the movers and shakers of Nairobi. Music and dance form an integral part of the life in Nairobi and there is hardly any need for an occasion to party!

For tourists whose topmost agenda is partying, put on your dancing shoes and head to one of the numerous clubs in the city of Nairobi. Most clubs have disc jockeys who churn out contemporary African mixes mixed with a lot of world music, and even though you may not understand the dialect or know the words, your hips are sure to move to the rhythm! If live music is what you are looking for, some clubs have live bands as well.

Avoid accepting drinks or food from strangers and if possible go in a group.