Nairobi: Food and Drink

Kenyan food is as diverse as it s culture. When it comes to food and drinks in Nairobi there are literally over a hundred places to choose from. Food is generally very cheap and available in every nook and cranny of the city. Traditional Kenyan delicacies like Mtuza Wa Samaki which is fish baked and then cooked in a curry, Kuku Na Nazi which is a chicken preparation made with coconut milk and Maharagwe which is a vegetarian preparation of red beans in a spicy coconut milk sauce, are favorites. Other popular cuisines in Kenya which you fill find in abundance are Indian, Arabic, Continental and Chinese. One restaurant that’s a must while you are in Nairobi is the famous Carnivore Restaurant. The Carnivore Restaurant is an entirely unique experience for meat eaters. The open air meat specialty restaurant offers every kind of meat imaginable on its menu including wild game, generally roasted over huge charcoal pits on long Maasai swords! An experience not to be missed!

Bars and pubs are popular in most parts of the city. Try the Daawa which is a popular vodka, honey and lemon drink or the Kenyan Tusker Beer which is world renowed and an accompaniment with most meals. The wines in Nairobi are usually imported from South Africa.