Nairobi: Crime

Nairobi Crime

Nairobi is notorious for criminal activities and petty crime mainly because of the high level of poverty and unemployment. Crime in Nairobi has led to a disparaging nickname of ‘Nairobbery’ which it earned itself because of the high crime rates in the 1990’s. Things are better now with much more security and patrolling in place, but it is necessary to exercise caution at all times. Crime in Nairobi increased due to the proliferation of small arms and light weapons into the city. Robberies and carjackings top the crime list. Certain parts of the city have very high crime rates and should be avoided as much as possible. The infamous River Road and everything to the east of it is considered the most dangerous part of the city. Most of the slums around the city have high crime rates as well, owing to the poverty surrounding its inhabitants.

To protect yourself from being a victim of crime in Nairobi be alert at all times. While driving never stop for anything and keep your windows rolled up at all times. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry while moving around and try and travel as light as possible.