Nairobi: Food Guide - Dining Out

The local food in Nairobi is basic and filling, but the diverse cultures and influences from the world over have brought about a major change in the style of food in Nairobi. This diverse city caters to all tastes and budgets with a truly international flavor and has become a paradise for food lovers. Meat eaters are especially privileged when it comes to food in Nairobi, with a wide variety of meats available in most restaurants. The sheer number of restaurants in the city and the variety of food on offer can comfortably feed you for more than a month, without visiting the same restaurant twice! From Kenyan, Indian, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Ethiopian, German, French and Continental, it’s all available here. Curries are a favorite with tourists visiting Nairobi and are generally made to order with mild or extra spice.

The prices of food vary and you can get an excellent meal for a meager 500KHs ($6) or an extravagant meal for more than 2800KHs ($35). Most restaurants are upon late into the night. The bill generally includes a service charge, but tipping waiters is a norm.