Nairobi: Hotels

Hotels in Nairobi range from very basic to very posh with a lot of choices in between. For the shoe-string budget traveler or the backpacker budget hotels are the most popular of choices. With very basic amenities a room in a budget hotel in Nairobi can range from 1800KHs ($23) to 2400KHs ($30) a night.
2 and 3 star hotels in Nairobi provide a comfortable stay at affordable prices. Single and double rooms range from 6400KHs ($80) to 16,000 ($200) a night.
4 star hotels in Nairobi offer higher standards of luxury and a greater variety of recreational facilities. 4 star hotels are located in the city as well as on the outskirts, and the tariff ranges from 10,400KHs ($130) for a standard single room to 12,800KHs ($160) for a standard double room.5 star hotels in Nairobi offer every luxury available and the costs justify the amenities provided. With the highest standards of efficiency, comfort, service and hospitality all 5 star hotels require prior booking. A standard room in a 5 star hotel in Nairobi will cost you between 19,600KHs ($245) to 24,200KHs ($300).

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