New York: Crime

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New York Crime

Being the most populous and largest metropolitan area in the United States, it is impressive that New York has the lowest crime rate among the 10 largest cities in the US. With that said, visitors should still make note that a city of New York’s magnitude will invariably have challenges managing criminal activity. It is important that visitors both new to the city and seasoned travellers to New York respect basic safety guidelines while staying in New York. Do most of your walking during the daytime in populated areas where cars, businesses and people are abundant.

Take taxicabs directly to and from destinations in the evenings. Avoid being drawn into conversations with strangers who are apparently not well-meaning local “New Yorkers” or with vagrants/panhandlers. Keep your belongings and wallet in your front pockets or securely wear your purse across your chest instead of over your shoulder. Don’t take rides from anyone other than a licensed cab service. Using practical common sense will keep you more than safe and help you avoid many potentially undesirable situations.