New York: Useful Information

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New York Useful Information

- Get a map of the city streets and subway lines as soon as possible if not online before travelling to the city. It is the best way for you to become familiar with which routes to take to your favorite sites and activities. Many streets are one way. If you hail a taxi, be sure to do so at a location where the cab driver is able to drive in the direction you plan to go otherwise you’ll be wasting fare on time and distance while maneuvering off of the one-way traffic.

- If you wish to visit the Statue of Liberty museum gallery or pedestal observation level, you need to request a “monument pass” otherwise you will only be allowed to visit the grounds of the 12 acre island the national monument occupies. The “monument pass” is free and is just a stamp on your actual pass to visit the Statue of Liberty but only a limited amount are given out daily and are on a “first come, first served basis” – so book your visit in advance to ensure you get your passes.

- When walking in New York it is vital to keep several rules in mind: always walk to the right of sidewalks, stairs, and escalators. Walk no more than two abreast unless there is plenty of sidewalk space and hardly anyone around. Also, if you must stop to read a map, admire architecture, or marvel at tall buildings, move to the side out of the flow of traffic. This is especially important when exiting elevators as well.

- Cabs available for service that you can hail for a ride will have a lighted sign on the roof of the car displaying their cab number. If the “Off Duty” portion of the sign is lit, then the cab is not able to pick up passengers at that time. If the sign is totally dark or unlit, the taxi currently has a passenger and is not available.

- When riding the subway, do not stand directly in front of the doors when it stops for boarding but just to the immediate side. The general rule is to let passengers off first, then board yourself making sure to get out of the way of the door so other people may board as well. Refrain from talking loud on the subway and keep your belongs close to you and out of the way of other passengers. If having trouble making room to exit, a simple shout of “Getting Off” should cause people to quickly move out of your way.

- Tips and service charges are not added in to the bill unless you are a party of 8 or more (gratuity) so be sure to figure the appropriate tip when paying for services. New York services will be directly affected by your tips so it’s best to get a tip guide from either online or from your concierge to avoid any issues. It is important that you tip your taxi, hotel maid service and/or concierge, and wait staff.