New York: Hotels

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New York Hotels

New York hosts some of the most famous hotels in history. From the Plaza Hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, the St Regis, the Algonquin, to the Roosevelt Hotel, visitors will travel back in time to a grander era when hotel stays were truly an event to behold. Many of these hotels have painstakingly been restored to the authenticity of their original glory at the turn of the century but with modern amenities expected for today.

Each New York hotel is rich with history, character, and culture. Be sure to check for package deals and specials where extra amenities are included with your accommodation booking. Also expect rates to reflect the level of service of these grand hotels from $100 per guest per night up to thousands of dollars for the grandest penthouse suites. For visitors wanting a more economical hotel stay, check online for your best deals of more popular hotels catering to the everyday traveller. There are also many hotel accommodation styles in New York: from sleek modern to comfy country. Again, rates are best in package deals booked online and range from $70 per night to hundreds to thousands for luxury suites.