Nice: Party Holiday - Singles Life

Nice Party Holiday - Singles Life

Nice is a hot spot for singles. Singles will find Nice is full of chic cafes, trendy bars and restaurants and world class clubs. Nice as something for everyone and makes for a fabulous night out. Famous for its beaches Nice boasts the Promenade des Anglais. Here singles will also find numerous restuarants and beach bars. Weekends are busiest but the nightlife in Nice is still vibrant and often cheaper during the weekdays.

If you’re single and looking for crowded dance floors and the latest dance music you won't have to go far. For a red carpet night out La Ambassade cannot be missed; Blue Boy Enterprise is where you should go for cutting edge music (also a gay club), which attrracts a diverse but faithful fan base. Disco Butterfly is a favourite of students and ladies often get in for free before midnight. For live music try Akathor Pub and for a low key night go to L 'I'dee Halle Bar a popular place for locals.