Panama: Gay and Lesbian

Miami of the South

Panama Gay and Lesbian

Panama City is a great destination for a gay and lesbian holiday. Central America's most cosmopolitan city is overflowing with trendy new clubs, cool boutique hotels, gay friendly neighbourhoods and great attractions. Panama is a mostly Catholic country and although the gay and lesbian scene here is not underground, it is discreet.

There are a couple of clubs in Panama City that operate without much fanfare; and attacks, raids, harassment, and so on are thankfully not very common. There are few, if any, venues or events directed at the lesbian-only scene, yet lesbians are welcome at gay venues. However, while there is no gay beach, the resort beaches are generally uncrowded and sun-drenched. Overall, Panama City does have a selection of areas good for gay and lesbian holidays, but it does not boast the largest array of clubs and bars.