Panama: Fishing

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Panama Fishing

The word "Panama" is said to mean "an abundance of fish" in the native Indian language, and almost every restaurant serves items from the Atlantic or the Pacific or the rivers in between them. The fishing on the Pacific Coast of Panama is some of the best in the world: the coastal shelf of the Pacific runs out to sea a short distance and then gives way to the cold deep waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The cold water brings with it an abundance of fish: Black Marlin, Grouper, Red Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin and Roosterfish. If you go to the Pacific beaches in the early morning you can see the fishermen returning from sea with their catch.

If you want to make arrangements to fish there are a number of independent fishing operators that will take you out: Pesca Panama, Coral Star, Coiba Adventures and Big Game Club operate fishing tours around the former prison colony Coiba Island. The most famous place for fishing in Panama is Piñas Bay, located south of Panama City and home to one of the most expensive and plushest resorts in Central and South America, Tropic Star Lodge. The history of Gorgona, Farallón and the other beaches along the Pacific Coast is like many things in Panama tied to the building of the Panama Canal. Most of the people that settled these Pacific beaches came from small villages that now make up part of the Panama Canal.