Panama: Helicopter Trips

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Panama Helicopter Trips

Panama City has several options for those looking to take a helicopter tour - which are all easily booked and available from close to the city centre. Trips can be arranged throughout the day, but the special sunset and evening tours offer up awe-inspiring views of the city at sundown.

Panama City, undoubtedly Central America’s most modern and cosmopolitan city, can also be readily seen by helicopter with just a short helicopter flight from neighbouring Albrook Airport. Just on the outskirts of downtown Panama, your flight will take you over the city’s most popular tourist destinations, as well within easy view of the country’s famous banking district. Upon lift-off, your flight path takes you along the right side of the Canal to the midway point between Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks, towards the Bahai Temple.

Flying at approx. 1,000 ft. you’ll turn towards Costa del Este, which is just east of Panama Viejo. Then, fly towards the coast and Punta Paitilla, rounding the point passing Balboa Statue, which is located on Ave. Balboa, and on towards Ancon Hill. Ave. Balboa, overlooking the Bay of Panama, is home to numerous restaurants, banks, insurance companies, hotels and Punta Paitilla, the city’s most expensive and luxurious residential area.

Half way up that Hill you turn towards the Causeway, and if time permits we'll continue out to the three islands that are connected by the Causeway: Perico, Naos and Flamenco, which is the island furthest out. After circling the islands, helicopter trips take you back, passing the bridge and Panama Canal Commission Building before reaching the airport. A slightly expensive but ultimately unparalleled way to experience Panama City, helicopter trips are a must for those looking for fabulous views and unforgettable sights alike.