Panama: Nightlife

Miami of the South

Panama Nightlife

Panama city is immensely active in regards to nightlife. There are tons of restaurants, bars and clubs where people go out to have a drink, relax, listen to music and dance. You will find that Panamanians love to dress well, impress and be impressed when going out. Casinos throughout the city constantly host events to keep people coming, and they do come.

Concerts, conventions, pro boxing fights, inaugurations, coupled with the great influx of Americans seeking retirement, Colombians, Venezuelans and many other nationalities are increasing the activity at which Panama City celebrates as the never before seen real estate boom is taking the country to economic levels that have not been seen before. A city of over 1 million people, it is one of the most important international finance and insurance centres in Latin America, and of course a centre for the maritime industry.

This fact has also helped Panama become a "tazita de oro" in central America these days. Clubs don't close until the manager says he is closing and you might find yourself seing the sunrise as you leave a bar, club or even a "massage parlour". It all takes place in three sectors of the city: The downtown business district, Casco Viejo, the historic Spanish Colonial sector and on Amador Causeway which connecting four islands in Panama Bay. When in Panama go out and dance the night away anywhere. The Fiesta Casino just behind the Hotel El Panama is an awesome place to hang out and dance and there other new clubs that cutting edge and rival those in New York and Miami so ask around and you'll get the right answer. Like at any other country stay safe and always obey your instincts.