Panama: Spectator Sports

Miami of the South

Panama Spectator Sports

Soccer never cast its spell over Panama as it has with the rest of Latin America -- here baseball is king, yet stadium crowds and big-league games are not common. Games are mostly by national and local teams vying for regional championships.

For spectator sports, check out the horse races (below) for a lively show and lots of colourful Panamanian characters. Walking and bicycling are best on the Amador Causeway, especially early in the morning with the sunrise. The Hipódromo Presidente Remón inaugurated more than a half-century ago, is a prestigious venue and a fun place to spend an afternoon. Races are held on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. To get here, take a taxi to Vía José Agustín Arango, on the way out to the airport. The Hipódromo can be reached via the Corredor Sur or by following Vía España until it turns into Vía Arango.