Paris: Honeymoon

The City of Lights

Paris Honeymoon

From the sweeping boulevards of the elegant 5th arrondissement to a moonlight cruise on the Seine, Paris is undeniably the most romantic city in the world. Paris is reputed as the city for lovers par excellence, and for good reason. There seems to be built-in romance everywhere you turn, from poetic parks and gardens to breathtaking panoramas and world-class restaurants. Picnic under the Eiffel tower, discover the abundant treasures of the Louvre or simply sit in a typical Montmartre café and watch the world go by. And if you want to enjoy a bit of nature, beautiful gardens are dotted all around the city, making it an unbelievably romantic setting. Luxembourg Gardens, in particular, is a great spot for couples, and is adjacent to the breathtaking Luxembourg Castle.

Take note however that Paris is one of the world's most expensive cities so it’s probably not a great option for those on a lower budget. If you stay in a hostel or in a showerless, toiletless room in a bottom-end hotel and have picnics rather than dining out, it is possible to stay in Paris for €50 a day per person. If that’s not what you’re looking for on your honeymoon so be prepared to spend at least €100 a day per person if you eat out frequently, order wine and treat yourself to any of the many luxuries on offer.