Paris: Shopping Holiday

The City of Lights

Paris Shopping Holiday

From designer clothing to antique furniture, books, and fine jewellery, Paris is known the world-over as a place where quality and elegance come first. Shopping in Paris is geared for the most part toward the youth market, but what's especially appealing is that, since this is one of the oldest parts of the city (some of the streets here date back to the eleventh century) there remain a large number of specialty stores and unusual little boutiques. If you’re not on a tight budget, then Paris is definitely a great option for a shopping holiday. If you are, then it’s important to know the secret of shopping cheap in Paris.

From a shopper's perspective, the city is divided in broad sections where stores of the same trade tend to congregate. There is a mosaic of many colors, tastes, and price ranges – around the Saint Sulpice metro station for example, you’ll find many clothing stores offer cheaper garments and accessories. Outside the sales seasons, shoppers looking for bargain-basement prices and irresistible clearances must look elsewhere. The best bargain prices on clothing offered in Paris are generally found at designer depots.