Paris: Stag Destination

The City of Lights

Paris Stag Destination

Paris is a city that is more renowned for being a destination for 'lovers' rather than a destination for stag do’s. However its popularity for both stag and hen celebrations is increasing. The city comes alive after dark, offering a whole host of night time experiences. There are a variety of fine restaurants to suit all tastes, live music venues, nightclubs and a wonderful selection of pubs and trendy bars. It is a city full of life both during the day and evening with such a choice of venues from adult only shows like the Moulin Rouge can-can, to entertainment like circuses, magic shows, nightclubs, water parks and much more that would be ideal for a stag weekend. Obviously there is no shortage of activities to occupy you and your group throughout the day either. Taking all of this into consideration plus the fact that the city is strategically located within Europe and only a short travel distance from London, Paris is definitely a good option for a stag weekend.