Paris: Touring - Driving holiday

The City of Lights

Paris Touring - Driving holiday

Paris has spectacular architecture and some of the most famous buildings in Europe. It is also, of course, known as one of the world's fashion capitals. Those planning a trip to the French capital may find it difficult to select a hotel at the right budget and to decide on an itinerary for their stay. With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know which sights to concentrate your attention on, particularly if this is your first visit to the city.

Touring holidays in Paris offer an alternative means of visiting the city. For those that wish to travel by Eurostar, there's often the option for you to take the train from London and then join the tour once you reach Paris. You can expect your holiday to include accommodation at a Parisian hotel in a central location. Tour operators have often been operated these types of holidays for a number of years, allowing them to gain good experience in the relative quality of the local hotels. One of the most important advantages of a touring holiday is that you will have access to a tour guide. Having a guide who has a good working knowledge of the city can be a real bonus, allowing you to find out more about Paris than would usually be the case. For those that choose not to take part in the optional excursions , there is then the opportunity to explore Paris at your own pace. A touring holiday is definitely an excellent way of seeing the finest sights of Paris for those who prefer to have a planned itinerary in advance.