Paris: Cycling - Mountain Biking

The City of Lights

Paris Cycling - Mountain Biking

Paris is definitely the city for cycling. One month after its launch, Paris's Vélib', or "freedom bike" scheme, has turned the city cycling mad. You can simply pick up a bike from one of the ubiquitous stands, ride it along for your short trip and drop it back at any random stand at your destination. For cycling enthusiasts, there isn’t an easier or more active way to explore the cultural, historical and artistic delights of the French capital. Parisians have access to 314 kilometres of bicycle paths inside Paris and 23 km in the Boulogne and Vincennes woods. In 2000, Paris introduced road closures on Sundays that kept out all but non-motorised traffic from a roughly two-mile stretch either side of the Seine, between Notre Dame on the Right Bank and the Eiffel Tower on the Left, making Paris an even more prime spot for cycling. Cyclists are warned nonetheless to avoid cycling in and around the Place Charles de Gaulle and you need to pay extra attention to the French drivers. Unfortunately, the French capital is too flat for mountain biking, but this can be found elsewhere in country.