Paris: Nightlife

The City of Lights

Paris Nightlife

Paris has an extensive nightlife scene based around wine bars, pubs and cafés. There are also many clubs which very often will stay open until the mètro re-opens (between 05:00 and 06:00). It is worth mentioning that Paris is a late city in terms of nightlife. Some bars and cafés stay open all night, while others may shut around 22:00. It is worth bearing in mind that prices may increase after 19:00. Some places also charge slightly extra if you sit at a table, rather than stand up.

The French do love to faire la fête, but unlike their other Northern European confrères, they are rarely rowdy when drunk. It's worthwhile to consider that vices here are taken in appreciative doses—great wines and digestifs are meant to be sipped, not swilled. (Since a ban on smoking in cafés, restaurants, and bars went into effect on January 2, 2008, smokers must indulge outside.) And since the French take their passions seriously, the live music scene is small but rewarding. From film to dance, opera to jazz, concerts to ballet and rock festivals to cabaret, there is always going to be some form of entertainment on offer to suit all tastes, no matter what the time of year you decide to visit this vibrant and cultural city in France.