Paris: Costs

The City of Lights

Paris Costs

If you stay in a hostel or in a showerless, toiletless room in a bottom-end hotel and have picnics rather than dining out, it is possible to stay in Paris for €50 a day per person. Paris is one of the world's most expensive cities so it's probably not a great option for those wanting a low budget holiday.

From food to accommodation, prices in Paris tend to be higher than other popular cities in Europe. Nevertheless, there are a few ways of limiting your expenses so that a vacation to Paris doesn't break the bank. There are numerous attractions, sights and things to do that don't cost a single dime. In fact, there are so many you could spend your whole trip devoted to free attractions.

A few examples include the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Fragonard Perfume Museum (Le Musee du Parfum). To save even more, consider staying in a smaller town, where lodging is cheaper. Find a suburb well served by the Metro or the RER (the suburban train lines), or stay in a nearby city like Chartres that is a short train ride away. This change alone could save hundreds. Try downgrading to cheaper accommodation options. If you are thrilled to stay in a four-star, you probably won't be miserable in a three-star. Sometimes these lesser-rated hotels are even nicer. The French rating system does not take into account things like ambience and friendly, helpful staffs.