Paris: Food Guide - Dining Out

The City of Lights

Paris Food Guide - Dining Out

Although France is famous for its wines, this country has deep traditions and a rich history for fine French cuisine. With specialities from many different regions, gastronomy in Paris is taken very seriously, where you will find some of the finest chefs in the World. Apart from some of the real tourist traps, you will be guaranteed good food where ever you choose. You will find thousands of different cafes and restaurants in Paris alone, which range from the small traditional bistro right up to top table and haute cuisine. Choosing the type of restaurant and type of cuisine can be a minefield, where there are so many exceptional places to eat out. Restaurants in Paris can range in price quite dramatically from only a few Euros up to hundreds of Euros per person. You might need to have you’re French translation book handy to know what you’re ordering but you will probably be happily surprised with the number of delicacies on offer.