Paris: Main Facts

The City of Lights

Paris Main Facts

Location: Paris is the capital of France. France lies on the western edge of the European continent and shares borders with six neighbours: Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany and Switzerland to the east, Italy to the southeast and Spain to the southwest. Thus it forms a bridge linking northern and southern Europe and joining the countries in the central part of the continent to those in the east. Its extensive coastline gives France a natural outlet toward America and Africa.

Languages: French

Average yearly high temperature: 16 degrees C (60.8 degrees F)
Average yearly low temperature: 9 degrees C (48.2 degrees F)

Average visitors per year: Over 25 million

High tourist season: July and August

Time zone: Paris is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

• Currency: Euros (Universal Currency Converter)