Paris: Public Holidays

The City of Lights

Paris Public Holidays

On public holidays in Paris, banks, shops, and almost everything else will be closed. They may even close in the afternoon of the day before. If a holiday is coming, be sure to get enough cash while the banks are open. Some service stations will also close, so if driving is in your holiday plans, especially in the countryside, a full tank of gas is recommended.

English name           French name         2009 date
New Year's                  Jour de l'An           January 1
Easter                           Pâques                  April 12
Easter Monday      Lundi de Pâques       April 13
May Day                     Fête du travail          May 1
VE Day 1945            Victoire 1945            May 8
Ascension                 Ascension               May 21
Whit Monday      Lundi de Pentecôte      June 1
Bastille Day             Fête Nationale         July 14
Assumption      Fête de l'Assomption    August 15
All Saints Day             Toussaint              November 1
Armistice 1918     Fête de l'Armistice    November 11
Christmas Day                 Noël                 December 25