Penang: Shopping

Pearl of the Orient

Penang Shopping

Penang is a pleasant and varied shopping centre. Penang’s shopping facilities, which range from modern ‘mall’ complexes to roadside stalls and the 'pasar malam' (night markets), offer a near limitless range of products. The main shopping centres in George Town are in Penang Road, Burmah Road and Campbell Street. One of the more prominent shopping complexes on the island is Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) in Penang Road, which houses over 200 shops. Bona fide tourists, who are not staying in Penang for more than 14 days, can buy goods at special prices from duty-free shops. These shops display the ‘duty-free' sign. Roadside shops are Penang's most popular bargaining centres. Prices are negotiable and reasonable, depending on how skilled you are at bargaining. However, prices are fixed in the larger department stores.