Perth: Camping

Wonderful weather, pristine beaches and an easy-going character

Perth Camping

Perth has a wide range of great spots for a camping holiday in and around the city, with many more ideal locations in the surrounding area of Victoria. The closest camping park to the city centre is found at Central Caravan Park, fantastic for holidaymakers looking to stick close to city comforts and still get an authentic bushland experience.

Other local options that offer caravan parking are Discovery tourist Park and Banksia, which both offer great and affordable camping holiday options. Away from the centre, Fremantle has a great selection of camping grounds in more secluded areas - perfect for couples looking for a sheltered camping holiday near to Perth. Further afield, the plains surrounding Perth offer a wonderful host of camping opportunities - Coogee Nature Park and Fairbridge Village two excellent sites to the west of the city, which are close to the natural wonders of the Victoria outback.

So whether you wish to stay close to the city or head out into the beautiful mountainous hinterland of Victoria, Perth caters for everything a camping holiday could want, and provides an inexpensive stay close to some of Australia’s finest natural beauty.