Perth: Nightlife

Wonderful weather, pristine beaches and an easy-going character

Perth Nightlife

Good pubs, clubs and trendy cafes can be found in abundance in Perth as they are virtually everywhere. The atmosphere at these places is generally relaxed and friendly. Mount Law and Subiaco are two areas which have trendier establishments that cater to both the younger and the older generations.

Here you will find trendy pubs playing jazz, as well as tapas, wine bars and several themed pubs. Northbridge is also home to many pubs and bars, but this area seems to cater more for the back-packing crowd. On Lake street, visitors can pop into the Church, not for communion, but to indulge in trance and disco dancing. The Church was converted from a real church into a glitzy nightclub. William street is home to several bars with pool tables as well as sophisticated wine bars and live music. South terrace in Fremantle has several pubs including a traditional British pub.