Perth: Geography

Wonderful weather, pristine beaches and an easy-going character

Perth Geography

The city of Perth is located on a narrow coastal plain in the south west of the continent. It is situated between the Indian Ocean and a low coastal escarpment known as the Darling Range. As per the geography of Perth, the suburbs of Perth and the Central Business District are situated on the Swan River. The location of Perth, going by the geography of Perth, is at 31degree 57'S, 115 degree 52'E in the west coast of Australia. Traditionally one could view Perth and the Swan River from King's Park and Botanic Garden situated on Mount Eliza. This special Perth geography view of the clear river banks close to the city and the low skylines was a visual treat till the 1960s. The unabated growth of skyscrapers and the multiplying Perth population has rendered the enchanting view impossible.

The Central Business District of Perth is a prominent business area which is bound by the Swan River to the south and the east. The King's Park lies on the west end while the railways lines form its northern border. The sandy and relatively flat Swan coastal plains houses the city centre and most of the suburbs of Perth laying between darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean. Perth's Oceanside and clean beaches proves to be an advantage to the coastal suburbs of Perth. You can see the geography of Perth, Australia has some startling contrasts.