Perth: History

Wonderful weather, pristine beaches and an easy-going character

Perth History

The city of Perth was founded by Captain James Stirling as the Swan River Settlement in 1829. However the history of Perth goes back to pre 20th Century when Perth was occupied by groups of Nyungar tribe for thousands of years and the place was called Boorloo. Captain James Stirling grew so fond of the place that he suggested a colony to be built there which the British Government later agreed upon.

Hence a colony was founded which was the first free settlement in Western Australia. The British Government brought along with them over 9000 convicts, due to shortage of labor. They were involved in the construction of a significant amount of infrastructure and some well known buildings like Fremantle Prison in 1855, Government House in 1864 and the Perth Town Hill in 1870 which stands till date as witness to Perth history.

The historical development of Perth had been rather slow until the 1890s. However with the Gold Rush in Coolgardie and Kalgoolie from 1892-93, the population of Perth grew four fold along with incredible growth. Western Australia also gained its first constitution and Premier, Sir John Forest in 1890s.

A major turn in the history of Perth, Australia took place in 1901 when Western Australia was made a state of Commonwealth of Australia.The city of Perth had now become the capital of the new state and hence its importance was also on a rise. The World War II had brought new cultures and traditions to the city beginning a new chapter in the history of Perth. The 1960s and 1970's was a major phase of development with the boom in minerals, newly built skyscrapers and burgeoning of huge business empires. Today Perth is a thriving, friendly and multicultural city, ideally positioned as a tourism and business gateway for the world, yet it has continues to retain its unique appeal.