Peru: Beach

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Although Peru has 1,509 miles (2,414 kilometres) of coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean, it is not as popular among visitors who are looking for a beach holiday as you might think. Having said this, there are plenty of opportunities for beach holidays in Peru. The best Peruvian beaches are on the country’s northern coast and they stretch south as far as Lima. These beaches are usually very popular during the hot months of January, February and March.

In coastal cities such as Lima, the locals flock to the beaches during the South American summer, especially at weekends. Various water sports can be enjoyed in Peru, with surfing being amongst the most popular. You will find some of the best Peruvian beaches in, or within easy reach of, cities such as: Piura, Tumbes, Trujillo and Lima. During the hot months of the year, you will find these beaches excellent places for enjoying the waves or simply soaking up some of the sun's rays. You will find more and more options these days if you are looking for a beach resort in Peru and new accommodation is springing up along the country’s coast. Peru is an excellent location for a beach holiday.