Peru: Culture and Arts

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

The culture and arts of Peru reflect the many centuries of rich and varied influences and styles. You may want to visit the mysterious and fascinating Inca ruins, such as Machu Picchu near Cusco, or perhaps marvel at the layers of architecture and culture you will find in Cusco itself. You can also explore the relics of older Per-Columbian cultures, such as the Chimu in adobe city of Chan Chan, near Trujillo, or the mummified bodies in the southern desert cemeteries of the Nazca culture.

Alternatively, you might enjoy the baroque churches, pantiled roofs and colonial architecture of Cusco, Trujillo or Arequipa in Peru that are so reminiscent of old Spain. However, the many layers of Peruvian culture are still very much alive, as you will see when you visit its traditional craft markets bristling with multi-coloured textiles,distinctive silverware and ceramics. Peru is a wonderful destination for a cultural holiday.