Peru: Disabled Needs

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Peru will present a number of challenges for disabled people wishing to take a holiday there. Peru is a relatively poor country, which means that its infrastructure is not highly developed. Bus travel for disabled people in Peru is difficult, because there are no wheelchair-adapted buses in the country.

Many pavements in Peru, where they exist at all, are poorly maintained and there are few ramps at the entrances to buildings. You will also find relatively few lifts in hotels and other buildings with more than one storey in Peru. Having said this, in recent years the Posadas del Inca luxury hotel chain has developed some facilities in in its hotels in Lima, Cusco, Yacay and Puno for wheelchair access. There is also at least one adventure tour company, Apumayo Expeditions, that can cater for the particular needs disabled people. Peru is however not the best location for disabled travellers, especially if they are on a limited budget.