Peru: Family Holiday

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Peru is a wonderful family destination in that there are many different things to do what will entertain and engage everyone in the family, including the children. Most children will love Peru's rich and varied wildlife, so at least one visit to a nature park is a must! For those who enjoy the active life, there are opportunities for snorkelling, swimming and fishing on Peru's coast. However, some children may find too many visits to Peru's many archaeological sites a little boring, so it may be a good idea to think about the different activities you want to do as a family before you go. Foreigners travelling with children are likely to be seen as a curiosity by Peruvian people, but you are sure to be welcomed all the same! You will find that children will be charged the full fare on Peruvian buses, if they occupy a seat. A similar policy prevails on Peru's internal flights.

If you are staying in a hotel, you might want to bargain for a reduction in the room rate for your child, or children. One idea for a family holiday in Peru is to book a family adventure holiday package. Such packages consist entirely of families, who travel in a group of approximately 16 people. These trips can be great value and a wonderful way for you and your children to meet new people!

The itineraries are usually pre-planned, but there is usually some flexibility and and your family will have plenty of time to yourselves. The best ages for children on these adventure holidays is between 7 and 15, but some can be younger (the minimum age is usually 5) and some even older if they are travelling as part of a larger family group. A typical holiday of this kind would cost from £2149 - £2749 for a 15 day holiday per adult and from £1899 - £2499 per child, including flights from the UK.