Peru: Gay and Lesbian

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Like most other parts of Latin America, Peru is still steeped in macho culture, so overtly gay and lesbian culture is often frowned upon. As a consequence there are very few places to stay that explicitly cater for gay and lesbian people in Peru. Although there are no laws prohibiting sexual activity between civilians of the same sex in Peru, the authorities frequently invoke vague laws aiming to uphold "public morality" as a tool to repress sexual "deviance." The Lima Homosexual Movement (Movimiento Homosexual de Lima, MHOL) was founded in 1983. But Peru’s first gay pride parade was not held until 2002, when a scant few hundred marchers braved Lima’s unwelcoming atmosphere.

The opportunities in Peru for socialising and night life are also severely limited for gay and lesbian people. There is a limited gay scene in Lima, but it is anything but out in the open, the Gitanos Club being one place that is gay-friendly. There is at least one US company that runs adventure tours to Peru aimed at gay men and lesbians.