Peru: Wine Tasting Holiday

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Peru may not be as popular a location with wine buffs as its neighbour Chile, but it does have its own traditions of viticulture, even if they are a little more humble. If you are thinking of a wine tasting holiday in Peru, then a visit to Peru's viticultural capital of Ica is a must. Ica, and its surrounding province, have many vineyards and wine cellars (bodegas), the fruits of which can be sampled at its annual harvest festival, the Festival Internacional de la Vendimia Iqueña, which takes place in early March. You will find plenty of other activities to keep you occupied at the Wine Festival too, such as: fairs, competitions, processions with floats through the streets, live music and parties where guests dance the festejo, which has its origins in Africa. Although it may not produce the best wines in South America, Peru is a fun location for a wine tasting holiday.