Peru: Fishing

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Peru's Pacific coast is the place to go if you enjoy sea fishing, which is popular along the whole of Peru's vast Pacific coastline. These are some of the most plentiful waters in the whole world and you will never be short of exotic species to catch. Here, you will find people fishing from the shoreline, from the beaches, the cliff tops and from boats. Species such as flounder, croaker and grunt are the best catches along the sandy beaches of Peru's central and south coast.

Fishing from the bluffs, meanwhile, is done all along the coast. Species caught include grunt, rock bass and local species such as cherlo, tramboyo and pintadilla. Whether you prefer to fish from a beach or a bluff, you may want to use the local bait consisting of tiny crustaceans called muy muys, or wedge clams and snails. There are two ways you can fish from a boat in Peru, pinteo, fishing from an anchored boat, and trawling from a moving launch. If you go pinteo fishing along the central and south coast, you will usually catch the same varieties as cliff top fishing, although there are cuskeel, sea bass and smoothhounds in the north. Trawling, meanwhile, is usually done off the north coast using artificial bait, where you can reel in tuna, black marlin and local species, such as cherela, agujilla, sierra, pluma and perico.