Peru: Mountain Climbing

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

In Peru there are numerous excellent locations for climbing. The outskirts of Lima are full of ideal places for rock climbing. You might like to try scaling the walls of Camacho, on the outskirts of Lima. Another good place lies is Vichuya, which lies further east in the Lurín Valley. The Rímac river valley has its own excellent climbing locations, such as Canchacalla, 29 miles (46 kilometres) east of Lima, where rock climbing courses have been taught for several years. Further south along the coast are the sedimentary rock cliffs at Bikini, La Tiza and Paracas. All of these locations overlook the Pacific Ocean, where waves crash against the cliffs, adding a touch of danger to an already risky sport.

If you would like to go rock climbing in the Andes, then some of the best places are Cumbemayo (Cajamarca), the Tinajani rock forest in Ayaviri, Puno, the Llanganuco glacier walls in Ancash and at the stone formations in the Huayllay sanctuary in Pasco.