Peru: Surfing

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

With some of the longest waves on earth, its lack of coastal rainfall and a climate that isn't not too hot or too cold, Peru has some excellent locations for a surfing holiday. If you are thinking of a surfing holiday in Peru, you will find all levels of surf available to you, as well as beaches that are not too crowded. However, you may find problems gaining access to some Peruvian beaches and there may some safety concerns in certain areas.

Some of the best beaches for surfing in Peru are near Lima, which produce just about every type of wave you you would ever want to surf. Unfortunately, it is also just about the only part of the Peruvian coastline where overcrowding on the beach is a problem. You may also want to try some of the beaches in the north of Peru too, which are less crowded and have almost as good surfing conditions.