Peru: Apartments

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

If you intend to stay for longer periods in any one place, then an apartment in Peru might be a good option, as it can be cheaper than a hotel. An apartment in Miraflores, Lima would cost from £30 per day. Another option you may want to consider is renting an apart-hotel in Peru, which is becoming increasingly common in many of the larger Peruvian towns and cities. They have the advantage of being easier to find and rent than standard apartments, because they are clearly marked on the street and are usually advertised everywhere.

Renting an apart-hotel in Peru is simple in that you can either book it in advance, like a hotel, or just walk in and book your apartment at reception, just like a hotel. As you might guess, apart-hoteles in Peru combine features of both apartments and hotels, with en-suite bathrooms, adjoining kitchens, room service and cleaning. Most apart-hoteles include breakfast in the day rate. Apart-hoteles in Peru may offer you a discount for longer bookings. Prices can vary, but a daily rate for a single room in an apart-hotel in Iquitos would cost about £34.00 per night. A suite in an apart-hotel in Lima, mid-season would cost about £37.50 per night.

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