Peru: Bed and Breakfast

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

You may not find bed and breakfast in Peru in quite the same form as in the UK, Europe, and US, but there are numerous places where you can stay B&B in Peru. B&B in Peru is a wonderful idea if you want the freedom to eat most of your meals where and when you choose. You will find a wide range of hospidajes, pensiones, residencailes, hostales and hoteles all of which can equate to either guest houses or hotels. However, not all of them will include the price of breakfast with the room rate and many of the cheaper guest houses may not provide any breakfast at all. In Peru, breakfasts tend to be minimal, as lunch is the main meal of the day. However, some of the mid-range and higher-priced hotels do provide a deseyuno Americano (American breakfast), which is rather more substantive.

There is no rating system in Peru for accommodation, so it is always a good idea to view a room before taking it, as you may find that you can get a better room for the same price, even in the same hotel. B&B accommodation in a typical backpackers' hospidaje in Arequipa, Peru would cost from £5.20 per person per night, based upon 2 people sharing a room, but with a shared bathroom. B&B in a single room in a guesthouse in Miraflores, Lima with en-suite bathroom, cable TV etc would cost £26 and £28.60 for a double room with similar facilities.

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