Peru: Hotels

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Peru has a wide choice of luxury hotels in most of its major towns and cities, many of which would rival accommodation in most other more affluent countries. You can also find a wide range of hotels in or near Peru's most popular tourist areas, such as Mach Picchu and Nazca. Prices in Peru will vary according to the location and season. There is no system of star rating hotels in Peru, so it is always worth checking the room first, before you decide to take it. It may even be worth asking for another room in the same hotel, if you do not like what you have been shown. You will find widest range of luxury hotels and international hotel chains in the most popular tourist areas in Peru, but there are also budget and mid-range hotels in all of the larger and smaller towns. Although there are seasonal and regional variations in Peru, a single room in a luxury hotel, from an international hotel chain in Lima could cost about £140 per person per night. A single room in a budget hotel, or inn might cost from £27.

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