Peru: Lodges

Mountainous terrain, vast coastal deserts and steamy, tropical rainforests

Lodge style accommodation is popular in the more remote and rural parts of Peru, especially in the Amazon Basin. This type of accommodation is becoming increasingly popular in the Andean region too. Lodge-style accommodation usually consists of a chalet or bungalow and is mostly self-catering, although some places do provide breakfast. However, in Peru's National Parks lodge accommodation is relatively rare, and what there is is usually privately owned and expensive.

This type of accommodation is perfect for eco-tourism and viewing the country's superb wildlife. In recent years, many tour companies have developed all-in packages for eco-tourism in Peru and perhaps the best way to see some of the remoter parts of the country is to book one of these, where you would stay in an eco-lodge. These are generally bungalows that sleep up to 5 people. Many of them have the kinds of luxury amenities that you would expect in any modern home, even though they are located in the middle of the jungle, so you rest assured can drink water that is safe and you will be protected from insects. A guided three-day tour, staying in a lodge the Amazon Basin, including all meals, will cost around £200, based upon shared accommodation.

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