Poland: Beach

A country with new world cuisine, a bustling nightlife and a haunting past

A beach holiday in Poland may not be what first springs to mind when you think of the country, but Poland has a long, extended coastline running across the north of the country. There are literally miles and miles of beaches in Poland and some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe. Although the temperature in winter can easily drop below zero, Polish summers are hot with temperatures regularly above 20°C.

There are many seaside towns dotted along the Polish coastline, many with beautiful stretches of white sand. The Baltic Sea can offer a welcome reprieve from the heat of the day and is often very shallow; 100metres out and the sea is rarely deeper than 5 or 6 foot. It is advised to book early, as much as 3 or 4 months in advance, especially in the more popular destinations such as Hel, Leba and Debki, during the peak season (July-August) as many Poles flock to these areas for their own summer holidays.