Poland: Useful Information

A country with new world cuisine, a bustling nightlife and a haunting past

Poland Useful Information

- Polish Foreign Exchange Bureaus (Kantor) generally have much better exchange rates than in the UK.

- Credits cards are widely accepted in most shops, restaurants, and bars.

- Although local produce, such as food and alcohol, is comparatively cheap, goods imported to Poland are usually of similar price to the UK.

- Voltage supply is the same as the UK 220-240 but use the standard European 2 pin plugs.

- Poland operates a strict drink driving policy. Penalties can include fines and even imprisonment.

- The national UK newspapers are available each day on the island.

- The BBC News channel can be found on Polish Cable TV services.

- Polish time is the same as CET (central European Time), in other words 1 hour ahead of UK and have the same daylight saving system as the UK.

- Although the main water is generally drinkable, bottled water is inexpensive and of much better quality.

- Most bars stay open until the last customers leave, though you may be asked to leave if you are the last.

- Saying 'Thank You' as you hand over cash in Poland in a bar or restaurant, is the same as saying 'Keep the Change'.