Portugal: Food Guide - Dining Out

Owning to its location and deep fishing traditions, you'll find a host of restaurants specialising in cooking freshly caught fish straight out of the Atlantic whilst dining out in Portugal. From shellfish to tuna, swordfish and the national favourite, for which there are over 1000 recipes, cod.

You'll find a range of sizes of restaurants in Portugal, the most reasonable of which are the small local taverns which are normally family run businesses where you'll find the locals having their lunch.
You'll find several kinds of eatery when eating out in Portugal. The casa de pasto, offering an inexpensive 3-course meal, usually in a large dining room. Restaurante; these are generally more formal places but offer a wider range of dishes. Marisquiera, are restaurants specialising in fish, while churraquirea specialise in spit-roast foods. Among these you'll also find small cafés and bars (cervejaria), which are great places if you just want to order a beer and a small snack.

Lunch is usually served between 1-3pm, whist dinner is served from 7-10pm. However, if you fancy a later bite to eat, you can always combine food and entertainment by booking a table at a fado house, which are open from about 9.30 until 3 or 4 in the morning. It is always a good idea to book a table at any restaurant in advance, especially in high season.