Prague: Beach

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Beach

Prague is not the automatic choice of most tourists for a beach holiday. But that doesn’t mean that the worshippers of the sun and sand will be left pouting. As mentioned earlier, Prague is the ever-thoughtful hostess. You can be rest assured that your desire for an ultimate beach holiday experience in Prague will not go in vain.

Tropical balmy weather is the driving force behind spending one’s free time in or at least near water. One of the places where these cravings can be satiated is Prague’s manmade beaches along the embankment of Vltava River in the fifth Prague district. Several man-made beaches dot the city and they normally flank water reservoirs such as rivers or lakes. Most notable are the Smichov and Go Zlute Lasne on the west and east banks of river Vltava respectively.

You can take your pick from the newly inaugurated Smichov beach that’s clothed with 700 tonnes of imported white sand and decked with white wicker tables and chairs on parquet floors. It costs 50czk for an all-day ticket to the beach and small kids are permitted for free. A lively atmosphere prevails with concerts of various groups and thematic evenings focused on different indigenous topics. There is a huge volleyball field for the sporty kinds.

Go Zlute Lasne also manages to create a seaside vibe and houses a nudist beach, a beer garden, wifi hotspots, a children’s pool, 3-on-3 football cage, climbing walls, table tennis areas, recreational rooms and a restaurant. Entry is free in the evenings after 5. An adult ticket costs between 60-100 CZK depending on the entertainment facilities you want to avail of.